Source code for labelbox.schema.labeling_frontend

from labelbox.orm.db_object import DbObject
from labelbox.orm.model import Field, Relationship

[docs]class LabelingFrontend(DbObject): """ Label editor. Represents an HTML / JavaScript UI that is used to generate labels. “Editor” is the default Labeling Frontend that comes in every organization. You can create new labeling frontends for an organization. Attributes: name (str) description (str) iframe_url_path (str) projects (Relationship): `ToMany` relationship to Project """ name = Field.String("name") description = Field.String("description") iframe_url_path = Field.String("iframe_url_path")
[docs]class LabelingFrontendOptions(DbObject): """ Label interface options. Attributes: customization_options (str) project (Relationship): `ToOne` relationship to Project labeling_frontend (Relationship): `ToOne` relationship to LabelingFrontend organization (Relationship): `ToOne` relationship to Organization """ customization_options = Field.String("customization_options") project = Relationship.ToOne("Project") labeling_frontend = Relationship.ToOne("LabelingFrontend") organization = Relationship.ToOne("Organization")