Source code for labelbox.schema.benchmark

from labelbox.orm.db_object import DbObject
from labelbox.orm.model import Field, Relationship

[docs]class Benchmark(DbObject): """ Represents a benchmark label. The Benchmarks tool works by interspersing data to be labeled, for which there is a benchmark label, to each person labeling. These labeled data are compared against their respective benchmark and an accuracy score between 0 and 100 percent is calculated. Attributes: created_at (datetime) last_activity (datetime) average_agreement (float) completed_count (int) created_by (Relationship): `ToOne` relationship to User reference_label (Relationship): `ToOne` relationship to Label """ created_at = Field.DateTime("created_at") created_by = Relationship.ToOne("User", False, "created_by") last_activity = Field.DateTime("last_activity") average_agreement = Field.Float("average_agreement") completed_count = Field.Int("completed_count") reference_label = Relationship.ToOne("Label", False, "reference_label") def delete(self) -> None: label_param = "labelId" query_str = """mutation DeleteBenchmarkPyApi($%s: ID!) { deleteBenchmark(where: {labelId: $%s}) {id}} """ % (label_param, label_param) self.client.execute(query_str, {label_param: self.reference_label().uid})