Source code for labelbox.schema.slice

from labelbox.orm.db_object import DbObject
from labelbox.orm.model import Field
from labelbox.pagination import PaginatedCollection

[docs]class Slice(DbObject): """ A Slice is a saved set of filters (saved query). This is an abstract class and should not be instantiated. Attributes: name (datetime) description (datetime) created_at (datetime) updated_at (datetime) filter (json) """ name = Field.String("name") description = Field.String("description") created_at = Field.DateTime("created_at") updated_at = Field.DateTime("updated_at") filter = Field.Json("filter")
[docs]class CatalogSlice(Slice): """ Represents a Slice used for filtering data rows in Catalog. """
[docs] def get_data_row_ids(self) -> PaginatedCollection: """ Fetches all data row ids that match this Slice Returns: A PaginatedCollection of data row ids """ query_str = """ query getDataRowIdsBySavedQueryPyApi($id: ID!, $from: String, $first: Int!) { getDataRowIdsBySavedQuery(input: { savedQueryId: $id, after: $from first: $first }) { totalCount nodes pageInfo { endCursor hasNextPage } } } """ return PaginatedCollection( client=self.client, query=query_str, params={'id': self.uid}, dereferencing=['getDataRowIdsBySavedQuery', 'nodes'], obj_class=lambda _, data_row_id: data_row_id, cursor_path=['getDataRowIdsBySavedQuery', 'pageInfo', 'endCursor'])