Source code for labelbox.schema.user

from labelbox.orm.db_object import DbObject
from labelbox.orm.model import Field, Relationship

[docs]class User(DbObject): """ A User is a registered Labelbox user (for example you) associated with data they create or import and an Organization they belong to. Attributes: updated_at (datetime) created_at (datetime) email (str) name (str) nickname (str) intercom_hash (str) picture (str) is_viewer (bool) is_external_viewer (bool) organization (Relationship): `ToOne` relationship to Organization created_tasks (Relationship): `ToMany` relationship to Task projects (Relationship): `ToMany` relationship to Project """ updated_at = Field.DateTime("updated_at") created_at = Field.DateTime("created_at") email = Field.String("email") name = Field.String("nickname") nickname = Field.String("name") intercom_hash = Field.String("intercom_hash") picture = Field.String("picture") is_viewer = Field.Boolean("is_viewer") is_external_user = Field.Boolean("is_external_user") # Relationships organization = Relationship.ToOne("Organization") created_tasks = Relationship.ToMany("Task", False, "created_tasks") projects = Relationship.ToMany("Project", False)