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from enum import Enum, auto

from labelbox.orm.db_object import DbObject, Updateable, Deletable
from labelbox.orm.model import Field, Relationship

[docs]class Review(DbObject, Deletable, Updateable): """ Reviewing labeled data is a collaborative quality assurance technique. A Review object indicates the quality of the assigned Label. The aggregated review numbers can be obtained on a Project object. Attributes: created_at (datetime) updated_at (datetime) score (float) created_by (Relationship): `ToOne` relationship to User organization (Relationship): `ToOne` relationship to Organization project (Relationship): `ToOne` relationship to Project label (Relationship): `ToOne` relationship to Label """
[docs] class NetScore(Enum): """ Negative, Zero, or Positive. """ Negative = auto() Zero = auto() Positive = auto()
updated_at = Field.DateTime("updated_at") created_at = Field.DateTime("created_at") score = Field.Float("score") created_by = Relationship.ToOne("User", False, "created_by") organization = Relationship.ToOne("Organization", False) project = Relationship.ToOne("Project", False) label = Relationship.ToOne("Label", False)